9 Benefits of a High Protein Diet

Protein diets are well-known as they are low-carbohydrate diets and allow consuming more protein-containing foods in order to get calories and energy.

Let’s look through the Medicure gathered main benefits of a high protein diet.

1. High protein diet is easy to follow

Most of the diets are usually associated with a bulk of expensive and strange foods you’ve never tried or just don’t like. Otherwise high-protein diets allow you to eat what you know and what you like to eat.

2. You feel full for longer time with protein

The fact is that after consuming a protein-heavy meal you feel full and definitely eat less snacks. Taking away the desire to eat sweets and snacks will lower the daily calories and certainly lead you to lose weight faster.

3. Faster weight loss

As it was mentioned above high protein diet will make you lose fat faster within a short timeframe. You’ll see the first results very soon. In combination with fresh veggies your body will look more healthy and fit.

4. Hair, skin and muscle repair

It was proved that high protein diets can help you gain stronger muscles, glowing skin and luscious hair. The fact is that protein is a building block for your body cell growth and regeneration. Protein plays a lead role in skin regeneration, blood circulation and even makes your bones stronger.

5. Heart Health

Rich with fish, high protein diet allows you to consume the necessary weekly doze of omega-3 fatty acids, which are heart-health fats. These acids will also help you to decrease cholesterol, reducing the chances of developing heart disease, arthritis and cancer.

6. Get more energy

Being a macronutrient, protein is essential for memory, daily movement, and physical exertion. It builds the best energy stores for your body.

7. You have less water retention

The foods which contain a lot of protein diminish water weight and excess bloat in your body.

8. Soy products with less cholesterol

Plant-based protein sources lower cholesterol and this help you to lose weight. Try to add more faux meat and tofu in your diet.

9. Natural protein is inexpensive

Fish, chicken, lean beef, low fat dairy, tofu and beans have very affordable prices and are definitely less expensive than products used in many other diets.