5 Tips to Help Prevent Prostate Cancer

According to Medicure Professional Researched; Prostate cancer is considered to be the second common cancer in men. Being a man you should be aware of how to prevent this disease. Proper prevention can be hard to do at the very beginning. You’ll have to deny yourself of various things you got used to. But it is well worth the effort.

How You Can Prevent Prostate Cancer

Simple modifications in your lifestyle can help you to prevent developing of prostate cancer.

Consider the following 5 tips:

Try to avoid red meat

Studies showed that vegetarians are twice less likely to get prostate cancer if compared with meat eaters. But don’t worry; this is all about red meat. Consider low-fat diet that decreases consumption of red meat, dairy products and “bad” oils.

Go green

Our Medicure Doctors will advise you to prefer “good” fats which are received from plants. For example, cooking with olive oil is better than cooking with butter. As well as, consuming seeds and sprinkle nuts is better than eating cheese. Consuming more fruits and vegetables allows you to get more vitamins and minerals daily. Tofu - a cheese product made from soy beans is another product known for its anti-prostate cancer properties. Speaking about drinking, it is worth noting green tea and green tea extract supplements. The scientists found out that drinking green tea may reduce the risk of prostate cancer.

Avoid consuming too much starch and sugar

You should realize that starchy foods like white rice and white bread, as well as soda and sugary candies can become the cause of inflammation. Recent Medicure research showed that men who eat a lot of sweet and starchy products are 64% more likely to develop advanced prostate cancer.

Add some physical activity to your life

If your weight is bigger than healthy weight, you are under the risk of prostate cancer. Regular physical activity, simple exercises will help you to gain a healthy weight and decrease the risks. You can try walking, running, swimming or bicycling. Don’t let it be boring. Invite your friends to share this physical activity with you. It will bring more fun.

Talk to your doctor

Consult your Medicure doctor about the possible risks you can have for developing prostate cancer. The main points to discuss should become:

  • As you age, what are the medical tests you should have?
  • Do you have family history of cancer?
  • What are the dietary and exercise recommendations?