Movember: Why is November called Movember?

Medicure Clinic will share to you about Movember movement which become popular worldwide as an annual event in support of men’s health issues such as male cancers. The title was created as a compound of “moustache” and “November”. That means that every year during November a lot of men from all over the world accept a challenge to grow mustaches in order to raise awareness and funds for men’s health programs. The main goal of Movember organization is “to change the face of men’s health”.

What Is It About?

The Movember foundation appeared in 1999 as an Australian charity organization. It was created by a group of young men in Adelaide. The aims of foundation were to help men at struggle with prostate cancer and depression which usually follows the illness. The first event took place in New Zealand and Australia. Now it is commonly held in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Denmark, South Africa, Czech Republic, Israel, Taiwan, Ireland, El Salvador and other countries. Today there are already 4 million mustaches grown worldwide.

To become a part of the worldwide Movember movement it is necessary to register at website first. Those registered get a challenge to grow mustache for a 30 day period, starting from the 1st November with a clean shaven face. Then for the entire month, these brave men become live billboards which walk and talk informing about the men’s health issues that are regularly ignored by society. To raise funds for men’s health problems, the members who call themselves Mo Bros run or walk for charity and also ask their families and friends to financially support their efforts.

Movember is not only for men, but also for women who want to participate in the movement. Women play a great role in the event, encouraging the men and raising the funds. In other words they can do all the things the Mo Bros usually do except growing the moustache. Every year at the end of November both male and female members of the movement celebrate their Movember challenge by attending an official Gala Partés held around the world.

The Effects of Movember

Movember is the largest foundation that supports men struggling with testicular and prostate cancer worldwide. Base from Medicure researched, the programs used by organization are aimed to provide education and awareness, living with and beyond cancer and an everlasting impact on the men’s health issues.