Spices and herbs: two very powerful natural cures for breast cancer

The incidence of breast cancer in the Middle East has sharply risen in the recent years and the worse news is that Arab women tend to suffer from more aggressive breast cancer. No one is guaranteed to evade the disease so it is clear that you have to take appropriate measures.

It is logical to seek help by professionals but along with the medical route, don't forget that nature offers you a wide variety of purely natural remedies.

Medicure Clinic has found two very potent natural remedies (spices and herbs) that can help with preventing breast cancer. Here is our professional insight regarding them and their impact on your life.

Spice things up to prevent breast cancer development

The Middle East has always been a region famous with its spices. The good news is that you now have an additional reason to appreciate our culinary culture. With each spicier meal you add to your table, your organism becomes more resistant to breast cancer. Which spices do you need to turn your attention to, though?

What Medicure Clinic found out is that onion, garlic and other allium vegetables are especially potent. The organosulfur in them helps with preventing cancer with its active compounds. Allspice would be a good choice of yours too as it contains many bioactive agents like phenolic acids, catechins and flavonoids, helping with carcinogen related problems. If you like curry you'll be happy to know that Turmeric (the main spice in yellow curry) is invaluable when it comes to fighting cancer cells and their expansion. It also improves the effect of chemotherapy.

Herbs: a very powerful way to fight back against breast cancer

A number of herbs can reduce your risk of developing breast cancer. Some of them help with the detoxification process in your body, others hinder the growth of cancer cells or ease the harsh side effects of chemotherapy or radiotherapy.

Medicure Clinic's most favored herbs are Ginseng, which is commonly used in Chinese and Taiwanese traditional medicine, Curcuma Zedoraria and Solanum. If you add Ruscus Aculeatus (known as Butcher's Broom) to your diet you will lower false estrogen development in your body. Licorice is another herb you might want to treat yourself with. It reduces tumor development and destroys existing cancer cells.

In any case, relying on a mix of natural remedies, healthy lifestyle and regular breast cancer examinations are the best way to lower your chances of developing breast cancer.