Parenting: How to relieve Back-to-school stress

The 2014-15 school year nears and while many children are eager to start the new school year, others have to cope with back-to-school stress. If your child is among the latter, don't panic. Back-to-school stress is a very common occurrence which has its rather easy solutions except for the very extreme cases.

Medicure Clinic came up with the four best ways to relieve your child's back-to-school stress.

Let your child design their study place

What does your child's study place look like? Is it gloomy, a bit too boring and plain? What we advise you is to give your child the initiative to actually design their own “workstation”. Let them pick their own chair, table, notebooks, accessories and decorations.

Think about how much your office interior reflects in your emotions and behavior. The same applies to your child so be sure to bring a new, fun factor in their study place.

Establish a routine at home

It is good to psychologically prepare your child for the routine tasks of school life by establishing a routine at home. The best scenario is to do this before the school year starts. What you need to focus on is strict timing when it comes to your child going to bed or getting up in the morning.

Medicure Clinic advises you to imitate school routine as much as possible, but start slowly. You can “fill up” the schedule as days progress.

Have regular family meetings

Your family is the best way to tackle back-to-school stress. Discuss everything with your child – from classmates or teachers to homework or school activities. Let your child know that you are there to support them if a teacher is too demanding or a bully ruins their school day. If you communicate openly and on a regular basis with your child, they will have a strong psychological anchor.

Role play problematic situations

Does your child experience stressful situations at school? Role playing problematic situations will help your child with coping with tense moments. You can take the role of a stern teacher or bully or let your child be the factor evoking negative emotions. What is important is for you to construct a model of different techniques and responses which your child can employ to handle the situation.