How Summer Can Destroy Your Skin

Summer is once again upon us, and for many people, this means it’s time to ditch those sweaters, long pants and jackets in favor of shorts, t-shirts and swim suits. Many of us love the look of bronzed skin and use the summer to work on our tans whenever we find a spare second. However, the sun and high temperatures we’re exposed to during the summer can actually wreak havoc on our skin, causing premature aging and a whole host of other problems, not to mention possibly contributing to skin cancer. Here are just a few of the ways that summer can destroy your skin.

Sunburns and Tanning

By far the biggest problem summer has on your skin has to do with excessive exposure to harmful UV rays. When you get a sunburn or even when you tan, you’re causing untold amounts of permanent damage to your skin. This can lead to your skin looking old and wrinkly far before your time and potentially cause skin cancer, so make sure to wear sunscreen and cover up whenever possible.

Drying Out Your Skin

Summer and the heat can also work to dry out your skin in many ways. This is especially true if you go for a swim. Whether it’s the pool, lake or ocean, spending too much time in the water actually works to dry out your skin. This is especially true of pools, as the chlorine can take away the oil off your skin. So make sure to shower after you’re swim and then apply plenty of lotion to help lock the moisture in.

Infections and Fungus

Excessive heat and sweating also leads to a breeding ground for certain types of fungus and infections, especially around your armpits, feet and genitals. To avoid these problems, try using an anti-fungal powder that will work to keep these areas dry and prevent fungus from growing.

Sun Rashes

Many people get those annoying, itchy red bumps from too much exposure to heat and sun. Known as millaria, these bumps are actually a result of clogged pores due to excessive sweat. Although they are not harmful, they can be annoying, so try to stay cool and wear lightweight, breathable clothing to prevent sun rashes from forming.