5 Lame Excuses Men Make For Not Going to the Doctor

If you are a man that waits until a serious problem is present to visit the doctor, you are definitely not alone. In fact most men have quite a few excuses of why they don’t want to go to the doctor, the five most common are listed here.

One of the biggest issues with men’s health is, unfortunately, men.

I’m Fine

It’s just a bullet wound, weeping rash, broken leg – but I feel okay! Most men will insist they are fine, usually until they reach the point of being seriously ill. However, according to Medicure researched; the fact is that there are a number of health issues that are not able to be detected until it is much too late. After all, it would not be a good idea to ignore issues such as high blood pressure or cholesterol until there is an actual physical sign of these issues.

I can Tough it Out

You may be experiencing a small burn, itch or rash, but for a manly man such as yourself it’s not really a big deal, right? Men were told at young ages that big boys never cry – and this lesson is ingrained well into adulthood. While you may be able to make it through a sprain or bruise, other symptoms will only become worse if proper treatment is not received.

No Female Encouragement – AKA Nagging

Many men claim that they don’t go to the doctor because they were not told to do so. This can leave them suffering, without seeking any help for the issue.

Too Much Female Nagging

Men are often just stubborn and refuse to see the doctor because they were told to by their wife, mother, sister or other female influence. However, putting off feeling better is not something you will be “giving in to” and rather something you should be proactive about.

I Don’t Have Time

Of course there is never time, right? You have golf to play and football to watch. The fact is that everyone is busy, but taking time to visit the doctor at least once a year will not take away too much of your valuable time.