Even Small Bumps to the Head Can Be Dangerous to the Brain-Be Careful

Many people have begun to stand up and take notice of how smaller head injuries can have long term consequences to the people who get them. There has been a plethora of ex athletes who have begun to sue their former employers for the lasting damages and consequences that being hit in the head on a repeated basis has caused them. This has also opened the eyes of parents who refuse to let their children play full contact sports due to the high level of risk that it poses. Our doctors at Medicure Clinic DSO have the following to say about the few dangers that can arise from even the smallest head injury.

Post-Concussion Syndrome

One of the most common head injuries sustained by athletes and normal people alike is a concussion, which can seem mild at the time but can have severe long term effects on the victim. In most cases, the victim will experience long term headaches and nausea after receiving their concussion. The victim may also contend with bouts of dizziness and bouts of confusion as a result of their injuries. Our doctors recommends that the best thing that you can do is to treat every head injury as severe and seek medical attention following your injury to your head so the doctor can assess the damage that has occurred. To get immediate medical attention, please contact us at +971 4 379 3931 or +971 4 398 4866 right away.


One of the scariest side effects that a head injury can bring about is seizures, which can last a while after the initial injury has happened. In most cases, the seizures will happen immediately following the initial head injury and if it is delayed, you may be at higher risk of developing epilepsy. Be sure to seek medical attention immediately following your head injury, to make sure that you do not have any internal bleeding that could lead to death.

Do not fool yourself into thinking that a small bump on the head is nothing, because it can most definitely cause serious health problems in the future. Properly taking care of yourself means that It’s About You and the way you feel so be sure to take it seriously.

If you have small bump and are not sure about its severity, contact Medicure Clinic at +971 4 379 3931 or +971 4 398 4866 and have your injury examined at one of the our finest medical center.