Ice cream as a Healthy Diet

According to many scientists and nutritionist; you can really lose weight while eating one cup of ice cream per day.

Our doctors at Medicure Polyclinic DSO state that all you have to do is be moderate in eating ice cream. Plus you’ll have to eat only healthy and also nutritious meals (that that can supply to you around 1,250 calories per day) the rest of the day.

The diet’s secret is calcium. A research has shown that overweight people who ate a reduced-calorie diet with calcium supplements lost 38% more fat, and 26% more weight than those who ate the same diet, but didn’t take any calcium supplement.

That’s because calcium plays an extremely important role in weight loss. If you don’t have enough calcium in your diet, the lack of it in your body will make the fat cells get bigger. It’s because calcium actions like a barrier for the fat cells so they can’t take more fats to store into them. And here’s the good part: the ice cream has a lot of calcium. Plus it also helps the dieters to satisfy their cravings, so they won’t feel that irresistible desire to eat anymore.

Although an ice cream diet may seem dangerous for your caloric intake, as long as you keep eating around 1,500 calories per day this is not. All you have to do is eating a cup of ice cream of around 250 calories and then adding 1,250 more calories from different types of foods per day.

It’s not recommended to eat fewer than 1300 calories per day. One reason our doctors inform us is that if you eat such a low-calorie diet for a period of time as soon as you’ll return to your normal calorie intake your body will start storing more fat than even before starting the low-calorie diet. Another reason is that without the proper amount of calories in your body you’ll have less energy and feel more tired during the day.

That’s why if you want to include ice cream in your diet you should be careful with the calorie intake and especially with exceeding the maximum number of calories (because every excessive intake can have harmful effects).