Getting ready for the Ramadan

Medicure Clinic DSO and our doctors have some suggestions for you in regards to “how to get yourself ready for the Holy Month of Ramadan?” Ramadan, as most of you will know, is one of the most precious months in the Islamic calendar. Muslims all around the world cherish this month and do regular fasting for whole 29-30 days. Although Muslims know the routine of this month, still most of the times they face numerous difficulties, especially in the start. So, what can be done for getting ready for this Holy Islamic month?

Remember, it is part of the religion you admire so much. Just like the job you do after a short break or when you go to any educational institution after the summer gap; it also seems hectic as you are not into the routine of eating an early breakfast or doing all tasks without drinking or eating anymore. But once you make your conscious mind realize that you have done it before and you can do it again, then that helps you. Our doctors at Medicure Clinics believe that once you follow all the rules of a successful fasting, you will experience a cleansing effect on both your body and your soul.

It has been observed that Ramadan comes in the summer now, when the days are longer and nights are shorter. You need to understand that you will experience more thirst, as this summer the temperature is going to be higher than before. But panic is not the answer. What Medicure Clinic doctors at DSO recommend you to do is; try to avoid more physical tasks throughout the day and drink milk and water in the sehri (i.e. the early breakfast) and lots of drinks in the aftari (when the fasting is completed). Also make sure that you don’t take too much salt in your food items, this will reduce your need of drinking water the next day.

Many Islamic scholars have taught that practicing fasts on the Mondays and Thursdays is considered a good habit, especially if it is done before Ramadan, so your body and mind will be ready for it. Also figuring out better ways of taking advantage of this month by reading more about this month’s blessings can make you more eager to avoid non-Islamic activities, making your spirit purer than before. Another way of greeting this month is by considering who you can help out financially; thus gain maximum points in your good karma.

Our Doctors suggests that staying focused can also help psychologically. For example; by making a to-do-list including the goals you want to accomplish, is a good way of making you ready for this month. Examples include completing the Holy Book Quran, getting yourself regular in offering prayers, being clean throughout the day, avoiding lies and other un-Islamic activities and making early start to your day etc.

Last but not the least, trying to free your schedule as much as possible for performing prayers, reciting Quran and doing other good deeds helps in shaping your lifestyle for this month and as the doctors suggest, once you have shaped your life in this one month, you can also shape your whole life accordingly. Also don’t worry if you can’t go through the fasting at once. Islam has loosened its rules for those who are ill. If you feel ill at any stage of your fast, we are here to help you. Contact us at Medicure Clinic DSO and our doctors will help you get healthier quickly.