10 Things You Can Do in Your Office to Stay Active

When you have a sedentary office job, it can be difficult to stay active. However, with a little innovation and creativity, you can maintain a sufficient level of exercise, while staying nearby your cubical of office chair. The following list provides things that you can do right at your desk, helping you to stay active and in shape.

Number 1: Walk everywhere.

Instead of shooting an email to a co-worker a few desks down, get up and walk the few steps to relay the message in person. Take the stairs rather than the elevator and park further away from the building each morning. These extra steps throughout the day will really add up.

Number 2: Arrange stand only meetings.

This is becoming a popular trend of a number of offices due to several reasons. Not only does it help workers stay active during the work day and save space, it also helps to stimulate ideas and sharing.

Number 3: Be creative with office organization.

Instead of having everything within arm’s reach of your chair, move the telephone, printer and other essential office equipment where you have to move in order to use it. This will help you to stand up, at minimum, once every 10 minutes.

Number 4: Use an exercise ball.

Instead of using the normal office chair, substitute it for an exercise ball. Sitting on an exercise ball will improve your core strength and balance, as well as overall flexibility. Additionally, you can bounce occasionally allowing your body to interact with gravity, which is more beneficial than a traditional stationary chair.

Number 5: Use an upright wooden chair.

This will force you to sit straight up, which will encourage more shifting of your body, which is something that a cushy office chair does not promote.

Number 6: Create a standing workstation.

Instead of sitting all day, consider creating a standing workstation. This will help to keep your body active and minimize fatigue.

Number 7: Participate in “office exercises.”

Squats, wall push-ups, triceps dips – these are all types of exercises you can do at your desk. Not only will they help to keep you active, they can also help to build muscles and strength.

Number 8: Stand and sit throughout the day.

If you have work that necessitates you to sit for extended periods of time at your desk, then you should make a point of sitting and standing regularly. It is suggested that you do this every 10 minutes for best results.

Number 9: Organize lunch-time walks.

Talk with your co-workers about walking at lunch-time together. When you go as a group, you are much more likely to stick to a workout regimen.

Number 10: Stretch.

One of the best ways you can stay active is to stretch regularly during the work day. This will help to encourage blood flow and invigorate you for the rest of the day.