12 Things a Woman Must do before she decides to have a Baby

If you have recently made the decision to take the plunge into parenthood, there are certain things that you should do prior to actually making the leap. If you want the best possible chance to have a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby, there are some important things that our resident gynecologist, Dr. Rehana Moin, suggests that you must do first.

Number 1: Schedule a Preconception Visit

While you do not have to pick who will deliver your baby just yet, you should call us at Medicure Clinic DSO or Mankhool, and schedule a preconception checkup with our Doctor. During this visit we will review your personal medical history, your current health, and the medications that you are currently taking. There are some medications that can be dangerous to babies, and will need to be switched prior to trying to get pregnant.

Number 2: Get your Pelvic Ultrasound done

Dr. Rehana suggests that a woman should get her pre pregnancy pelvic ultrasound scan done before she decides to get pregnant. This is beneficial to screen for poly cystic ovarian disease – the incidence of which is almost 15% in the UAE and is also a common cause of infertility and miscarriage.

Number 3: Take Select Vitamins

Prior to trying to conceive, you should take a folic acid supplement. This will help to reduce the chance of you having a baby with any neural tube defects or spina bifida by as much as 70%. Dr. Rahana suggests that you should also avoid too much Vitamin A, as this has led to certain birth defects.

Number 4: Give up Smoking and Drinking

If you currently smoke or drink, then you should quit prior to conceiving. These substances can lead to a number of issues such as low birth weight babies, premature birth and even a miscarriage.

Number 5: Do the Pap test

The Pap test (or Pap smear) looks for cancers and pre-cancers in the cervix (the lower part of the uterus that opens into the vagina). Pre-cancers are cell changes that might become cancer if they are not treated the right way. Dr. Rehana recommends that if the female is above 21 years of age, she should take the Pap test. We can provide Pat test at our clinic, simply come to our Medicure Clinic DSO branch and book an appointment for the test or call us at +971 (4) 379 3931.

Number 6: Stock Up on Healthy Foods

While you may not be eating for two just yet, you should begin to make healthy food choices now so that your body has all the proper nutrients to ensure a healthy pregnancy.

Number 7: Eliminate Caffeine

If you are pregnant or trying to conceive, Dr. Rehana highly recommends that you eliminate large amounts of caffeine. There have been some links to decreased fertility and high amounts of caffeine consumption.

Number 8: Reach a Healthy Weight

It may be much easier to conceive if you are at a healthy body weight. If you have a BMI that is too high or too low, it may reduce the chances of you becoming pregnant. Medicure Clinic DSO recently held a FREE wellness event in Palace towers, Dubai Silicon Oasis in which FREE BMI SCREENING was provided to the surrounding community. We are planning to hold similar events in the near future so visit our website from time to time to know when the next event is coming up or simply call us at +971 (4) 379 3931.

Number 9: Only Consume Safe Fish

If you eat fish on a regular basis, as per Dr. Rehana, it is important to begin watching your total intake. While certain types of fish provide an excellent source of important omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin D, protein and a number of other important nutrients, it can also contain mercury, which may be extremely harmful for developing babies.

Number 10: Visit the Dentist

Your current oral health is essential for a healthy pregnancy. If you have poor oral health or are concerned that it might be time for a cleaning, you can book an appointment with our resident dentist at either Medicure Clinic DSO or Mankhool, prior to conceiving to ensure you can avoid any potential issues.

Number 11: Consider the Decision Carefully

Having a child is a lifetime commitment. Prior to trying to conceive, you should be certain that you are truly ready for this responsibility. Talk with your husband to ensure that this is the move that you both want to make.

Number 12: Get Rid of Your Birth Control

If you have decided that having a baby is definitely what you want to do, it is time to get rid of all forms of birth control.

Having a baby is a huge decision, and to ensure that you have a healthy pregnancy and healthy baby, visit us at Medicure Clinic – Dubai Silicon Oasis (DSO) and get your preconception checks done.

--This article is written by our resident gynecologist, Dr. Rehana Moin, MBBS, MD OBG, MRCOG (London), DMAS (Laproscopy). She is available for consulting at Medicure Clinic DSO on Tuesdays from 5pm to 8pm. Contact us at +971 (4) 379 3931 to setup an appointment.--