5 Great ways to keep your Brain Supersharp

Do you have problems forgetting names, birthdays or items on your grocery list? This is something that happens to everyone at some point or another. The good news is that there are steps you can take to give your brain a little kick start, helping to remember important dates, names and other things that are otherwise easily forgotten.

There is actually tons of research that has shown that there are tons of steps you can take to help avoid those “senior moments” with some of the most helpful tips highlighted here.

Reduce Stress

Medicure Doctors studies that when your brain is relaxed, it can remember important things much more easily. Each day you should take a few quiet moments to meditate or breathe deeply, allowing your brain to completely relax. The memory benefits will likely be significant after a few weeks.

Think About the Future

Those that focus regularly on future events they are looking forward to have been shown to have a 50 percent reduced risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease. Even if you don’t have a social calendar that is overflowing with exciting events, a simple coffee date or weekend trip to the beach will work.

Take a Walk

Medicure Clinic suggest you, Even if you do not have diabetes, mildly raised glucose levels can hurt the part of your brand where you form memories. With regular physical activity you can help control your blood glucose and keep it at normal levels.

Eat Berries

Blueberries have been proven to contain compounds referred to as anthocyanins, which help improve communication between your brain cells which will help to improve your memory.

Learn a New Skill

Learn to play poker, join a knitting circle or take an online Spanish class. Each of these activities will help to increase mental stimulation and will limit the debilitating effects that aging can have on the mind and the memory.

It does not matter if you are 25 or 95, the tips highlighted here can help you improve your long and short term memory. You can avoid having to worry about what someone’s name was, or where you left your car keys, with these tips you will see almost instant results that will last when you practice these activities on a regular basis. Don’t let a poor memory limit your life, with a little effort you can keep your memory and mind sharp and on task.