Run for Your Life

Not only is running great for the soul, it is also great for your health. Chances are you have heard that exercise is the best medicine, well the fact is that this is not just a saying, it is completely true. There is a huge amount of scientific proof that has proven that regular exercise, running specifically, has a number of health benefits that will extend much further any pill or doctor can offer.

There have been a number of studies that have shown that regular running can prevent some cancers, high blood pressure, heart disease, type 2 diabetes and obesity along with a number of other extremely unpleasant conditions. Additionally, it has been proven that running can vastly improve the overall quality of your mental and emotional health, helping you to live longer.

Some other benefits of running are highlighted here.

Running helps you become happier.

If you are working out regularly, then you have discovered that no matter your present state of mind, exercising makes you feel better. This goes far beyond just the “runner’s high.” It has been proven that a single session on the treadmill of 30 minutes can lift the mood of a person that is suffering a serious depressive order.

Running helps you lose weight.

There is no question that exercising will help you burn calories and when you exercise regularly, it will continue to burn the calories even after you halt the exercise. This can be compared to receiving a paycheck even after you have retired.

Running will help you to stay sharp.

If you are worried about getting older, the doctors at Medicure Polyclinic assures you that running can help you stay “with it” longer. In fact, a recent study has proven that with regular exercise, especially running, it will help to defeat the signs of age-related decline mentally, in particular functions such as working memory, selective attention and task switching.

Running can reduce your chance of developing cancer.

There is no question that running cannot cure cancer, but there is huge amounts of proof that it can help prevent it. If you already are suffering from cancer then running will be able to improve your overall quality of life while you are going through chemotherapy.