Too much use of makeup can cause Breast Cancer

Alcohol and Cancer

It is commonly known that regular or heavy alcohol consumption increase the risk of developing various types of cancers. The most popular types of cancer based on Medicure Clinic medical researched which are provoked by alcohol are considered throat, liver, breast, rectum and colon cancers.

Alcohol Effect on People with Cancer

Scientists regularly work, researching the effects of alcohol on people who have cancer. Many studies have found a connection between alcohol consumption and the risk of cancer developing.

However currently it is not clear whether alcohol consumed after cancer treatment can increase the risk or recurrence. Theoretically alcohol might influence cancer making it coming back. For example, alcohol increases the amount of estrogens in the human’s body, which can consequently increase the risk of reoccurrence of breast cancer. But the studies currently don’t have any strong evidence to support this.

Medicure DSO will recommend for those people who diagnosed with cancer should be careful with alcohol intake as it influences the risk of developing new cancer.

Currently, Medicure Doctors had known several cases during the treatment when alcohol should be prohibited. Even in small amounts alcohol can irritate mouth sores which appear as results of some cancer treatment. That might increase the risk of side effects and as a result bring extra harm to human body. Alcohol can also combine with specific drugs used during the treatment and lead to harmful effects. So, if you have cancer and currently receive treatment it’s is important to consult your doctor about all possible risks.

The side effects of alcohol for those finished the cancer treatment are not studied completely. Talk with your doctor, as he should be better informed about your cancer type and alcohol influence on it. The factors which are necessary to pay attention to are: type of cancer, the level of reoccurrence risk, the treatment you’ve received, your health condition and other factors which should or shouldn’t exclude alcohol in your case.

Red Wine s a Way to prevent Cancer

Researchers decided to investigate the influence of red wine on cancer cells. Using laboratory animals, human cells and purified proteins they found out that certain substances in red wine, such as resveratrol possess anticancer properties. Besides red wine, resveratrol has been found in raspberries, grapes, peanuts and some other plants. But during clinical trials on human body there has not been provided strong evidence that resveratrol is a truly effective component in treatment or preventing cancers.