Top foods that help fight Breast Cancers

One in each eight women is to develop invasive breast cancer at one stage of their life or another. So in the event of such terrifying prospects, what can you do to escape becoming a part of the statistic?

Medicure Clinic advises you to take good care of your diet and emphasize on proper, healthy nourishment. We compiled a short list of specific types of food you should add to your diet to fight back against breast cancer.

Drink a cup of green tea every day

You should try to drink green tea as often as you can. Green tea is not only a pleasure to sip but also a very important source of potent antioxidants and catechins. With each cup of green tea you have while relaxing at your home or working in your office you give breast cancer the red light.

Eat more cruciferous vegetables

Medicure doctors strongly suggest you to add a healthy mix of cruciferous vegetables to your meals. You would do well with increasing your intake of broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage or watercress. All of them contain sulforaphane which is a chemical obstructing the breast cancer cell growth.

Don't skip spinach

Do you like soups? Consider cooking a tasty spinach soup because spinach is a great source of lutein and betacarotene – two very important antioxidants. Of course, you may find different uses to spinach as it's a versatile vegetable to have in your kitchen. By eating a healthy dose of spinach you also improve your Vitamin B levels which means that you ensure your cells divide properly.

Be sure to eat a good amount of blueberries

Medicure Clinic finds blueberries to be the most tasty and pleasant way for you to fight back against breast cancer. You can eat them raw (just be sure to wash them appropriately!) or add them as an extra ingredient to a certain meal. With each blueberry you pick from a basket and eat, you ensure yourself a proper intake of cholorogenic acid and anthocyanin pigments – two powerful cancer-fighting agents. Not to mention that blueberries are strong in terms of antioxidants so you benefit from that too.