Top Tips for Breast Cancer prevention

Every 13 minutes a woman dies from breast cancer. The increased number of breast cancer fatalities is strikingly alarming. But as many other types of illness, breast cancer doesn't come out of nothing.

The way you eat and sleep, the lifestyle you lead, the products you use and the levels of stress you experience throughout your routine-they all have a great impact on developing breast cancer. Here are the top Medicure Clinic tips for breast cancer prevention.

Start doing exercises

Do you sit around too much? If you have a daily life that is too static, change this routine as soon as possible. What you need to aim at is at least 20-40 minutes of physical activity every day. A walk after work on the way home or a quick jog will lower your chances of developing breast cancer.

Try to keep your weight in a healthy range

Medicure Clinic advises that you keep your body mass index (BMI) under 25. If you follow our advice to do some exercising and maintain your diet, this is easily achievable. Obesity increases your risk of breast cancer, as well as other types of cancer (cancer of the womb, kidney cancer or pancreatic cancer). Try to regulate your weight and stay as fit as possible.

Be careful with sugar

A high intake of sugars, especially fructose, is very harmful. What you need to look for is a dose of 25 grams or less fructose per day. You will do wise to keep track of the amount of sugars in your preferred products and meals.

Get more vitamins

You want to include a rich and healthy dose of Vitamin A in your daily diet. In combination with Vitamin D it lowers your risk of developing breast cancer. The best sources of Vitamin A that Medicure Clinic found out are raw butter and whole milk, egg yolks and liver (chicken or beef). As for Vitamin D, you just need to expose your body to some sunshine.