Tips for Parents on How to Stop Cyber Bullying?

It may seem difficult to defend your child if you are not aware of cyber bullying and don't understand how big the problem can be. First of all parents should be those people their children go to if anything goes wrong. But often parents become the last ones who get to know about the problem only because their kids are afraid of having even more problems. Explore some useful ways to prevent and stop cyber bullying.

  1. Keep the PC in a common area of your home. Don't let your kid keep it in his bedroom. Try to monitor the online usage.
  2. Find out how the social networks work. It will be great to become familiar not only with Facebook, but also with Twitter, MySpace and others. Ask your child if he can show his profile page.
  3. Often talk with your kids about online issues. They should know that they can come up to you in order to get help if there happens something upsetting, inappropriate or dangerous.
  4. Build trust-based relations with your children. When you set time limits, try to explain why you do that and of course share your ideas about Internet usage and online safety. Ask your kid to contribute to establishing the rules. That will make them more interested in following your common rules.
  5. Tell your kid not to respond to any cyber bullying comments or threats online. But don’t delete those messages. Print out all those emails, messages and online screen names of the cyber bully. You’ll need this information to verify and prove that there's cyber bullying.
  6. Don't blame your kids. If they’ve been bullied, be understanding and supportive. Get to know how long the bullying continues and tell your child that you'll work together to solve the problem.
  7. Don't tell your kid just to shrug it off. Being bullied your child may feel a strong emotional pain. Be a friend, not a judge.
  8. It’s also a bad idea to threaten your children with taking away their computer if they have any problem online and come to you with it. This will only make them more secretive.
  9. Contact your school's administrator and teachers asking them to keep an eye out for bullying during the school day.
  10. If there occur real threats of physical violence, consider law enforcement to be involved.