The Many Benefits of Vitamin C

One of the cornerstones of any healthy diet is the right amount of vitamin C, which can found in a variety of citrus fruits and juices. Like other vitamins, vitamin C is required in small doses to maintain proper body function, but if you consume a higher than normal amount of this vitamin each day you can take advantage of a variety of different health benefits. One of the most common signs of insufficient amounts of vitamin C is sudden skin problems, which can be fixed by increasing the amount of vitamin C you take in each day. Here are a few of the many benefits of consuming the right amount of vitamin C on a daily basis.

Common Cold Symptoms
Medicure Doctors states one of the most helpful benefits of consuming the right amount of vitamin C is that it can help to significantly reduce the severity of the cold. It has been known for years that vitamin C acts as a natural antihistamine, which is why it is so helpful in combating nasal and respiratory issues in the human body. If you start to feel that tickle in your throat or your nose starts to run unexpectedly, then you need to start ingesting a good amount of vitamin C to help ease these types of symptoms.

Helpful During Cancer Treatments
Many recent scientific studies have shown that higher than normal doses of vitamin C can help to ease the side effects of cancer treatments like chemotherapy. Some of the studies have shown that vitamin C can be used to target effected cancer cells, while doing no harm to normal cells, unlike many other cancer medications. While results are still varied, many top researchers believe that vitamin C can be effective way to treat ovarian and lung cancers.

The use of vitamin C has untold benefits to the user and is so much more cost effective than other medications on the market. The daily recommended dose for an adult is between 75 and 90mg per day, which is equivalent to a few pieces of citrus each day. Vitamin C can also be found in strawberries, chili peppers and cauliflower, which means that you will be able to have a large variety in the things that you eat to get your daily dose of vitamin C.