Getting anxious kids to school

Anxiety is no stranger to all of us, but it is children who tend to most vocally act out their fears and panic. It's not uncommon for a child to experience separation anxiety and refuse to leave the safety of family and home. In fact, this behaviour is most often exhibited by children who are just starting school (5-7 years old) or children beginning their teenage years (11-14 years old).

So how can you help your child in coping with school-related fear?

Turn your child's school into a known environment

One of the most important tips from Medicure Clinic is to gradually expose your child to the school environment in order to make it a known territory. What does your child enjoy eating? Prepare a suitable breakfast for them as a pleasant start of the day and then head to school.

Remember: the first time you do this it's not necessary to enter the school as it might stress out your child. Be moderate when exposing your child to the perceived intimidating environment. Next time you go to school with them you can walk in and do a quick examination of the corridors or take a look at the classroom together. Making smell, deliberate steps will easy your child's anxiety and remove the psychological barrier of perceiving school as a terrifying environment.

Be gentle and communicate with your child openly

Talking with your child is a great way of reducing their anxiety. Let your child know that they can share their feelings and fears freely with you. Discuss openly and mention techniques and ways of dealing with stressful school-related situations.

Emphasize on the positive aspects of going to school

You can change the way your child perceives school and school life if you emphasize on the positive sides of going there. Does your child love to socialize and talk with other people? Or maybe your child has a strong passion for a particular subject?

Explain them that school is a vital part of getting to know more about their passion and it can help them achieve their dreams.

Connect with your child's teacher

You can stimulate your child to visit school by ensuring a psychological backing inside the school itself. Medicure Clinic thinks that a teacher is the best option especially if he or she teaches your child's most favorite subject! You can arrange an informal meeting and let your child know that there is someone supporting them not only at your home, but also at school.