12 Reasons Why Adults Need Vaccines

Vaccines are not just for kids. The vaccines you need as a grown-up depend on several factors. These include your age, lifestyle, travel plans, shot you’ve had in the past and of course high-risk medical conditions. Here are 12 main reasons why you as an adult may need a vaccine to protect yourself and those around you.

  1. Being vaccinated you can protect your kids
    Your doctor may recommend you a whooping cough vaccine if you have contact with young kids. It's also true when we speak about flu vaccine. As there is no vaccine allowed for babies less than 6 months, all you can do is to provide a healthy protection around your child.
  2. You may no longer be protected
    Most probably you were vaccinated when you've been a child. But you should know that some vaccines need a booster in order you can stay protected. There is no life-long protection for such diseases as tetanus and pertussis.
  3. There are special "adults only" vaccines
    A good example of this type of vaccine is shingles vaccine. The chickenpox virus can reactivate shingles and it can cause a severe skin rash. When aging you get higher risks of being infected. That’s why this vaccine is recommended for those 60 years old and older.
  4. You may need it while travelling
    Travelling abroad you may get some illnesses you can never find at home. If you're going to visit tropical South America, or sub-Saharan Africa you might require the yellow fever vaccination. You might also need meningococcal vaccination if you travel to certain places in the Saudi Arabia.
  5. Every year you should get a flu vaccine
    Doctors recommend everyone from 6 months of age and older get a flu vaccine early if there are no any medical reasons why you mustn't get it.
  6. Be an example for your kids
    Dad, mom, grandparents may become a real example for their kids, showing how prevention through vaccines works.
  7. You didn't get fully vaccinated in your childhood
    Make sure you’ve got vaccines against mumps, measles, chickenpox and rubella when you were a child. If you didn't get any of them, you'll need those vaccines as adult.
  8. You're going back to college
    The crisis forced many adults go back to college. Most of the colleges require proof of getting the main vaccinations. In case you’ve lost those records, it’s absolutely fine to repeat the vaccine.
  9. There have been developed new vaccines
    There are some new vaccinations created for adults. For example shingles and HPV vaccines were developed only in 2006. Please consult your doctor regarding the new vaccines you may get today.
  10. You work in health care niche
    Health care professionals are more than others exposed to all types of potential infections. Most of them require not only general vaccination but also annual influenza vaccination.
  11. You have a lot of sexual partners
    In this case you are highly recommended to get hepatitis B vaccine. It is 50 times faster and easily transmitted than HIV for example.
  12. You have lung/heart disease, asthma, diabetes or you are a smoker
    Get a pneumococcal vaccine as it will help you to prevent serious diseases like meningitis and pneumonia