10 Things You Should Know About Successful Marriages

Successful couples today are people who attend seminars, read books, watch other successful couples and of course browse the Web. But the majority of couples will tell you that they learn by experience – trial and error.

Below you can find the most common principles of staying happy in your couple:

  1. Happiness is not everything. Although everyone wants to be happy, happiness is not a permanent condition. Instead of trying to be always happy, successful couples learn to intentionally do things that can make them happy again after facing a problem.
  2. Share the difficulties. Sometimes things get tough and when some of you don't know what to do, it's essential to stay near your spouse. Time in its turn helps couples to get out of any troubles by providing a number of opportunities to overcome the challenges and reduce stress.
  3. If you've got used to do what you always do, be prepared to get the same results. Savvy couples know that it’s necessary to approach the problems in different ways to get different results. Even the minor changes in attitude, approach and actions can make wonders in marriage.
  4. hanging your mind you change your marriage. Another important moment is what you think and believe about your spouse, as it affects how you’ll perceive each other in future. Think about what you expect from your spouse and how you treat him/her, as it also plays a great role in healthy relationship.
  5. The attitude does matter. Changing behaviour without changing the attitude can be harmful for marriage. Bad attitude is usually followed by bad feelings and actions.
  6. Change your marriage by changing yourself. Elder couples will tell you that trying to change your spouse is almost impossible; it’s like trying to push a rope. So, if you like to change somebody start with yourself, as you’re the only person you can actually change in your marriage.
  7. The grass is greener where you water it. Those who proved to be successful couples resist the common myth about a "greener grass", like someone else can make him or her happy. Otherwise, they know that they have to put all their energy into making their marriage and relationship better.
  8. Love is not just a feeling, it's a verb. Everyday life is can become a routine if you don’t work on improving it. The same is with love. Do small surprises and bring happy moments to your marriage every single day and you’ll never get bored with your partner.
  9. When you're married it's a permanent battle between your ears. Successful couples learned that bringing up the past and holding grudges doesn’t make you feel happy. Both spouses understand that they married an imperfect person.
  10. A crisis doesn't mean the marriage is over. Crises often look like storms: scary, loud and dangerous. But getting through the storm you still have to keep driving. A crisis can become a new beginning for your family.