What type of Yoga is best for women?

The practice of yoga becomes more and more popular among the women from all over the world.

Have you ever thought about what type of yoga is best for you?


This type of yoga was invented by the aptly named John Friend. Anusara is accepting and heartful. This type of yoga doesn’t require difficult positions. This type of yoga is best for mood enhancement. You can practice it when you are out of shape, because you won’t be pushed up too much. Anusara is perfect for nervous ladies, because it’s nonthreatening and not so intense like Ashtanga or Bikram yogas.


Ashtanga yoga features 6 established and strenuous pose sequences. These are primary, secondary, third series and more. So your progress is made sequentially. The movements in Ashtanga are rapid; one pose is immediately flowing to the next with each inhale and exhale. This type of yoga appeared in Mysore, India. If your aim is weight loss Ashtanga yoga is what will work best for you. The athletic poses will help you to gain more strength and sculpt your body. This type of yoga is perfect for intense, driven people who can appreciate the linear quality of Ashtanga yoga.


Hatha yoga is one of the most popular yoga types for women. This is a physical practice that includes the most of yoga you can ever find. Hatha includes almost all types of contemporary yoga. Compared to Vinyasa and Prenatal yoga for example, Hatha represents the classical, basic approach to yogic postures and breathing exercises. This type of yoga will suit any woman who wants to calm down, distress and become physically stronger. Perfect for everyone, Hatha yoga is what you should probably start from.


This yoga practice is intended to release the kundalini(serpent) energy in your body.It is considered that at the base of your spine there is a sleeping snake that can be awaken to pulse the energy upword through your body. Wonderful breathing exercises will significantly increase your inner energy. The postures and meditation will make you concentrated and focused. Kundalini yoga is perfect for those women who are looking for greater mind/body and spiritual awareness. It will never be just a workout.