10 Little Known Health Benefits of Eating Fish

Eating fish is a perfect way to include low protein into your diet if you’re planning to lose some pounds. Fish is a prime source of omeg-3 fatty acids. Medical experts from all over the world consider that one or two fish servings per week reduce the risk of various diseases, starting from colon cancer and finishing with dementia.

Below you can find 10 common health disorders and disease that can be prevented by fish consumption

  1. Cardiovascular Disease

    The so-called sea protein increases the level of “good” HDL cholesterol and lowers the risk of stroke, blood clots, heart disease, and inflammation of the heart tissues.

  2. Depression

    Depression is linked to a short supply of omega-3 acids in the brain. Consuming fish you can get enough healthy fat like omega-3 that will help to reduce symptoms of depression.

  3. Asthma

    Researches have showed that children who regularly eat fish are less likely to end up with asthma.

  4. Eyesight

    It is a fact that if mother eats a lot of fish when breastfeeding, the chances that a child will wear glasses are minimal. Mother’s milk contains omega-3 fatty acids that positively affect eyesight.

  5. Brain disorders

    Fish that is rich in omega-2 fatty acids stimulates a healthier brain tissue, preventing brain disorders and diseases such as epilepsy, certain forms of autism, Alzheimer’s and many others.

  6. Rheumatoid arthritis

    If you eat fish weekly you can reduce painful symptoms and inflammation caused by autoimmune diseases and rheumatoid arthritis.

  7. Diabetes

    Fish controls blood sugar, helping diabetic sufferers. It prevents insulin spikes.

  8. Premature Births

    Include plenty of fish in your diet during pregnancy. This will lower the risk of premature birth.

  9. Dementia

    Recent studies showed that seniors, who consume at least one serving of fish per week reduce their risk of developing dementia.

  10. Cancer

    As it was mentioned above, fish is rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Consumption of fish can significantly decrease (50%) the risk of certain cancers, epecially colon, oral, prostate and breast cancer.