Tips for Women to Stay Fit When They Reach Midlife

As we age, our bodies invariably undergo changes that make it much tougher to stay in shape. While this is true for both men and women, middle age especially affects women's bodies due to menopause. Hormones play a major factor is helping to keep our muscles toned and as the levels of these essential hormones decline so does our muscle mass. Medicure Clinic researched shows that reduced muscle mass in turn leads to a slower metabolism and causes us to burn less energy, which can obviously lead to weight gain. However, there are ways you can help fight the effects of aging and by following these simple tips, you can work to stay fit, healthy and feeling/looking your best.

Stay Active

This probably sounds obvious, but the easiest way to stay fit-no matter what your age-is to be active and get plenty of exercise. While it's

common to lose muscle as you age, you can help prevent it through strength training, focusing especially on core body strength, as this is the area where women begin to store excess fat as they age.

Eat Healthy, Eat Less

Again, another quite obvious fact that Medicure Clinic Doctors came out with is that your diet directly contributes to the shape you're in, making it incredibly important that you eat a healthy, balanced diet if you want to stay fit. As your metabolism slows down, it becomes much harder to process excess fat in your diet, so it's vital that you watch what you eat and make more healthy food choices. In addition, you should also look to reduce your calorie intake as you simply don't need as many calories to keep going as you used to.

Focus on Sleep

Sleep is incredibly important for overall health, but it's the one area most people tend to neglect. By focusing on getting an adequate amount of sleep each night and trying to minimize stress, you can ensure your metabolism stays higher and your body healthier.

At the end of the day, it's actually not that hard to fight the effects of aging, but it does take more time and a concentrated effort to stay in shape in your later years. Still, by following these simple tips, you can stay looking your best far into your later years