Sometimes the Best Thing to do is Nothing

Can you remember the last time that you did nothing? In a world that is definitely over-worked, relaxation is more important than ever. You jam in acupuncture and massage appointments between meetings and other things that need to be done. You dash to your yoga class and even the time that you spend meditating can become a task that you have to put way to much effort into.

However, did you know that for your happiness, health and your basic sanity you need to take time to unplug, chill, relax and do nothing?

The fact is that focus and attention are becoming harder and harder to find for adults. Starbucks, for example, built a business worth over $13 billion because people need help to pay attention. Additionally, more and more psychiatrists are diagnosing more and more adult attention deficit disorder, resulting in more prescriptions of Ritalin for the adults that are finding it difficult to pay attention and focus on what needs to be done. But you have to wonder, is prescription “speed” and coffee really the answer to all this modern distraction?

There are distractions around every corner, from emails and iPhones, to the alert of a new text message, disturbing news on TV and the everyday stresses of work, family and life, it is extremely easy to become stressed and overwhelmed, missing out on the amazing gift of life that you have been given. The fact is that your body will eventually break down under all of the depression, anxiety, insomnia and chronic stress and disease that is experienced.

However, when you take time to slow down and do nothing, you can alleviate this stress, turn your mind off and improve your mood, as well as your health. Doing nothing can help to lower your heart rate, reduce your stress levels and make you a happier and more considerate person.

National Goof Off Day is the perfect time to try this if you have yet to learn about the benefits of doing nothing. Take a break, a breather and improve your health by doing nothing, after all, It’s all about you!