What are the Latest treatments for AIDS/HIV?

The first drug that was approved for HIV treatment appeared in 1987. It was called AZT. Then there have been approved about 30 similar drugs aimed to treat people who have HIV or/and AIDS. Currently there are lots of drugs which are being developed to become #1 antiretroviral treatment.

Today there are 5 different categories of HIV/AIDS drugs. Each category attacks the virus on its different life cycle. As Medicure Professional’s researched, that means if you have HIV, you’ll have to take 3 different types of medicines from 2 different antiretroviral categories.

It is very important to keep the regimen. As now there is no 1 single drug that can cure HIV, taking 3 different anti-HIV medicines can result in a significant improvement of health condition. Correct treatment controls the amount of virus in your body, as well as defends the immune system. Another benefit of taking more than 1 drug is the fact that you won’t have drug resistance. Reproducing, HIV produces copies of itself, which are actually mutations that cannot be affected by the drugs taken during the antiretroviral treatment. Keeping the “3-drugs regimen” will not allow HIV to make new copies which cannot be attacked by the meds you take.

Which Medications Should You Take?

Each HIV drug is very powerful by itself. Correct combination of the HIV medications is the key to successful treatment. When it comes to deciding which antiretrovirals are better in your case, your provider will take into account multiple things. This will include your preferred number of pills per day (you can be prescribed once, twice per day, and so on), the doctor will examine your general health state (CD4 count included), your medical history and all possible side effects.

Besides the Antiretrovirals

Sometimes your doctor can prescribe you other medications as a part of antiretroviral treatment you may have. As a prophylaxis treatment you may be prescribed daily or weekly medications that prevent you from getting sick with a specific type of infection.

You can also be prescribed to take meds which work against the side effects of antiretrovirals. These are usually targeted to prevent nausea, pain and diarrhea.

Be ready to discuss all your medications with your Medicure Clinic doctors as each of them is essential for your treatment process.