United Arab Emirates – Past, Present and Future

Medicure wishes everyone a Happy 43rd National Day. To celebrate this day, we would like to share some knowledge about the UAE to our readers.

Being one of the smallest and poorly developed countries in 1940, by 2014 the UAE has become a country with one of the richest population in the world.

The United Arab Emirates or the UAE was established on 2nd December 1971 as a federation with 7 emirates. Famous Abu Dhabi became the first Emirate that started to export oil.

The first president of UAE and the ruler of Abu Dhabi influenced the development of the Emirates by investing the oil revenues into infrastructure, health and education.Currently the United Arab Emirates have the seventh largest oil reserves in the world. One of the most popular cities - Dubai is considered to be the global city and one of the largest business hubs.

Speaking about the history of this awesome country it is necessary to note that the first people there appeared at 5500 BC. Islam is the major religion in UAE. It was spread to the North Eastern tip of the Arabian Peninsula after a letter sent directly from the Prophet Muhammad in 630 AD. Islam is the major religion in the country. Though the UAE still remains very tolerable towards other religions, people with any faith or no faith at all have the same rights protected by UAE constitution.

Today the United Arab Emirates has the 2nd largest economy among the other Arab countries. Moreover, in 2011 the Emirates have become the 14th best nation in the world by doing business based on its economy. Dubai and Abu Dhabi offer the most luxurious hotels and service for tourists from all over the world.

United Arab Emirates has diverse culture. Among the main holidays there is the National Day, celebrated on the 2nd of December, which is today when the UAE was formed.

The country is permanently developing, and is considered to have even more developed economy and population. It is planned that by 2030 the foreign workers will comprise more than 85% of total population. Dubai will remain the biggest city, which will continue to grow and develop.