Surgery – Last Resort or Urgent?

When it comes to surgery, there are many different qualifications. An urgent surgery is one that will have to be done in response to an immediate medical need. Some examples of this would be correcting a congenital heart defect that is threatening someone’s life, or the repair of injuries sustained in an auto accident.

It is important to understand that there is a major difference between urgent surgery, elective surgery and last resort surgery. When a patient is in need of an urgent surgery, there is a small window that can be used to wait in order to ensure their health is at a level to support the surgery. However, it will have to be performed within one or two days. In many situations urgent and emergency are used interchangeably; however, an emergency surgery is one that has to be performed right away or result in dire consequences.

Another popular type of surgery is a last resort surgery. These procedures are ones that are done only when other, less invasive methods for treatment are not effective. In most cases, your doctor will seek a number of other methods to treat your problem, in order to avoid surgery; however, when this is not possible, they may opt to perform a last resort surgery for your well-being.

There are some situations where a last resort surgery can be delayed for a period of time; however, it is one that will eventually come if you want to be treated for the condition you are facing. When you are discussing options with your doctor, you should keep this in mind.

While surgery can be scary and intimidating, there are many situations where it cannot be avoided. If you are facing any type of surgery, it is a good idea to ask questions so you are confident with the procedure that is being done.