Quick Mood Boosters

Staying happy is actually incredibly important in staying healthy, as your mood has a huge effect on the rest of the body. While stresses from work, a lack of sleep and other factors can quickly zap your mood and make you unhappy, there are a number of things you can do about it. If you’re looking for ideas to put you back in your best state of mind, any of these quick and easy mood boosters should do the trick.

Consider Taking a Nap

Again, Medicure Clinic DSO reminds everyone that a lack of sleep can wreak havoc on your mood, but one of the easiest ways to counteract this is to take a quick power nap. Limit yourself to no more than 30-40 minutes to prevent falling into the deeper stages of sleep so you won’t wake up drowsy and you’ll surely feel less stressed, lower levels of anxiety and in generally a better mood after your nap—just like when you were a toddler.

Listen to Music

Science has actually shown that listening to your favorite music can have a huge effect on your mood, so don’t be afraid to jam out to your favorite tunes if you’re feeling down.

Snuggle Up to Your Sweetheart

A simple hug can do wonders for your mood, making you feel more loved, which in turn provides a huge boost to your mood when you’re unhappy. Not only that, but it has actually been shown to lower your heart rate and steady your breathing, which are also important for getting rid of stress and making you feel happier. In addition, sex also does wonders for your mood, so make sure you take time to be intimate with your partner to release those endorphins that quickly boost your mood.

Exercise Is Your Friend

Speaking of endorphins, exercise quickly floods your body with them, so even a brisk walk or short exercise is one of the best ways to put you in a better mood. It doesn’t have to be long or hard, even just 5 minutes is enough to get those endorphins flowing and raise your mood.

Try a Hot Shower

Based on Medicure studies; Increasing your body temperature has been proven to be a great way to boost your mood and fight off depression. Not only that, but hot showers also just feel good. So next time you’re feeling down, try taking a long hot shower and you’ll quickly see your mood improve.