White Teeth + Smile = Simply Beautiful!

Teeth whitening is perhaps the most request cosmetic procedure due to the fact that it is universal appealing and provides a number of social and financial benefits. Both men and women of all ages desire to have whiter teeth. According to a number of different studies, teeth whitening procedures offer a number of benefits, such as being perceived as more attractive, popular, intelligent, wealthy and successful. Teeth whitening may also provide people with a competitive edge when trying to get a job, since many employers are extremely reliant of first impressions.

Is Teeth Whitening Effective?

There are many people that wonder if teeth whitening actually works. The answer is – yes – it definitely works! There are thousands, perhaps millions, of people that have had their teeth successfully whitened.

According to our Medicure DSO Dentists; Teeth whitening, which is also referred to as bleaching, penetrates your tooth enamel with a special type of peroxide based gel for bleaching that contains either carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide. This type of special gel will remove the debris and stains that start to accumulate over the years on the layers of your teeth. As your teeth darken over time, it will become much more difficult to whiten them. This is due to a number of dietary choices, if you smoke, genetic factors as well as your dental hygiene. Visit Medicure Clinic DSO for consultancy now because the sooner you start a regular routine of whitening, the easier it will be to ensure you have a really white smile. There are two basic options when you decide to whiten your teeth: having it done by a professional and doing it yourself from home.

When you invest in professional whitening, in a dental office, you will see immediate results. However, at home whitening systems will take longer to see results. While they will provide results, they will take much more time. With at home whitening kits you will also have to apply the product consecutively in order to see continued results.

Teeth whitening can make you look and feel better, providing great results no matter what method you choose for your whitening method.