5 Reasons why you should play sports

Sports are an activity which is extremely helpful, if not essential for your body. Playing sports not only keeps you in shape, and healthy but also raises your confidence and helps you relax. So it’s very important to play sports, especially if you’re young” states one of our resident doctors at Medicure Polyclinic DSO, Dubai. Here are the 5 reasons that will better explain you why you should play sports:

1.) Playing sports is good for your health

In these days people spend the biggest part of their time in front of a computer, watching television or eating fast food. While these bad activities aren’t good for your health sports can help you lose the cholesterol you’ve accumulated practicing them.

2.) You have to play sports if you want to stay in shape

Playing sports will help you lose weight by burning extra fat (if you don’t play sports no fat will get burned) and build more muscles. So if you want your body to look great you have to play sports.

3.) Sports will help you be more confident

If you’re playing sports, especially team sports (such us Basketball, Football or Rugby) you’ll have to socialize a lot with your teammates. And talking with different people will help you gain more confidence. Plus you’ll be more relaxed when having a conversation with an unknown.

4.) If you play sports your mental qualities will get better

It’s a scientifically proven fact that sports improve the mental qualities (such as the concentration, learning, brain’s processing speed and memory). Research has shown that kids who play sports are better at school than those who don’t, and that the adults with an active role in sports are more likely to be hired because of their teamwork experience.

5.) After playing sports you’ll feel more relaxed

Sports are fun activities. You play only what you like with whoever you like. And they will always help you get rid of stress and will make you fell more relaxed. And if you’re playing a team sport it’s much better because the competition will help you forget about the stressful things which are happening in your life and as a result you’ll feel much happier.

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