Why Does My Baby Stay Up all Night and Sleep all Day?

Chances are you would love if your baby was born with the same awake and sleep schedule as the rest of your family; however, this may not be your situation. In fact, Medicure Dotors observed that many babies prefer the night time for activity, and daytime for snoozing. Additionally, if your baby is fussy at night, the situation can be even worse.

You may have been given a hint that your baby was a night owl while you were pregnant. Did you ever notice him moving around at night when you were trying to get some sleep? Even some babies that have a schedule synced up with yours during your pregnancy, they could have been messed up during delivery if the labor process was long or occurred in the middle of the night.

The key for handling a baby that has a reverse sleep and wake schedule from you is to be patient. In most cases, your baby will adjust to the family timetable within a month. Medicure Clinic DSO gives you some advise; while you are waiting you can try to coax them into a schedule that is more reasonable with the following tips:

  • Create a schedule with the same wake-up time and stick with it. Even in cases where your baby is up the majority of the night, you should not allow them to sleep in, as it will not help you reach your goal of having the baby sleep soundly during the night.
  • Instead of letting your baby sleep for extended periods of time during the daytime, you should wake them for their feedings for the first few months, even when they are fast asleep. Even though your baby will need to be fed during the evenings at night, you may be able to stretch the time period between three or four hours.
  • When it is daytime and you want your baby to be awake, open the curtains and put on some upbeat music. Play with them. Allow the phone to ring, run the vacuum and dishwasher and allow the normal noises of your household to occur.
  • When nap and bed time roll around, you need to keep your baby’s room dark and quiet and only use a soft light for diaper changes and night feedings. Be sure that you are boring and brief instead of engaging.

You should keep in mind that your baby may sleep pretty well on one night and not the next. The fact is when your baby is small, you will have bad and good days. Eventually, your baby’s central nervous system and brain will mature and their sleep cycles will be extended allowing you more sleep at night time.