What to do and not do when you are fasting

It is not difficult to understand what should be done and what should be avoided especially during fasting and generally in the month of Ramadan. Here are a few tips from our doctors at Medicure Clinic on what should be included in your to-do-list this Ramadan and what should be avoided.

To Do:
1. Gather more knowledge about how you can successfully go through the day without food and drinks, that too without being affected negatively.
2. Practice patience by eating sensibly.
3. Have a small walk to keep you familiar with the healthy habits which may have some probability of lessening in this month.
4. Drink lots of fluids. This doesn’t mean sugary drinks. This is good especially for the diabetic patients or people who may face dehydration by not drinking anything throughout the day.
Medicure Nutritionists and doctors believe that a person following all rules of fasting in Ramadan will be having a cleansing effect on his/her body and soul.

Not to Do:
1. Avoid fatty food or food with high calories like nuts etc. as these intakes will increase your thirst especially in the day time.
2. Avoid eating fast as soon as the sun sets and instead take your time in eating.
3. Don’t stay up late at night
4. Don’t sleep all day

Some believe that, however it is common misconception, people start seeing Ramadan as a way to lose weight. The right approach to this month, as per our doctors, is to adopt healthy eating habits in this month; like avoiding the junk food and eating better and healthy meals. Being strict followers of the rules makes the person able to avoid health issues like gaining weight, acidity etc.

A word of advice for us at Medicure Clinic; Plan your daily activities and utilize your maximum time in accomplishing your good goals in this month and improve yourself by adopting a good healthy lifestyle.