For Colic Pain in Infant - Prevention is better than cure

For a new parent, taking care of an infant is a lot to take in and requires many hours of lost sleep and devotion to do the job correctly. Raising an infant can be even more difficult if your little one has a case of colic, which is a condition that makes the child cry for three to four hours at a time. There is really no known cause of the disease, but the crying fits are the most noticeable symptoms that present themselves. The following is a little information from Medicure Doctors about this condition and things you may be able to do in order to soothe your infant and reduce the amount and length of the crying spells.

Things to Avoid

There are many things that a new inexperienced parent may do to try and stop the crying, the will actually make matters much worse. One of the most common mistakes that a new parent will make is over feeding the baby in order to soothe them and stop the crying. In most cases, this will lead to excess gas in the baby, which will result in more crying and discomfort for the child. You should also try to stay calm and collected during this time, because the baby can sense anxiety and tension in the way you act and it can make them even more upset.

Effective Treatments

Medicure Doctors recommends, although there is no medicine that can be given to cure colic, there are variables that you may be able to control that can reduce the frequency and severity of the crying caused by colic. You can start by increasing the frequency of feedings, but not the amount you are feeding the child. You can feed them smaller bottles more frequently, which should make them feel more, satisfied.

If you are struggling with a baby with colic, be patient and listen to the cries in order to figure out what your baby needs to soothe them. Ultimately, It’s About You and your child, so only you will be able to figure out what you can do to reduce these spells of crying.