Laughter is the best Medicine

There is not a more powerful antidote than laughter. It can help to reduce and eliminate conflict, pain and stress. Nothing works more quickly or more dependably than a good laugh to bring your body back in balance. Humor can lighten your burden, inspire hope, help you to connect with others and enable you to stay alert, focused and grounded.

With such a large amount of power to renew and heal, having the ability to easily laugh, and on a frequent basis, can be a huge resource for overcoming problems, benefiting your relationships and helping with both emotional and physical health.

Why Laughter is Great for Your Health

Medicure Health Experts state a number of reasons that laughter can benefit your health, which includes:

  • Protection of the heart: Laughing regularly can improve the function of your blood vessels and also increase the flow of blood, which aids in protecting from a number of cardiovascular issues, such as a heart attack.

  • Triggers the release of endorphins: Endorphins are the naturally occurring chemicals that emit those “warm and fuzzy” feelings. They can help to promote a sense of overall well-being and provide you a temporary relief from pain.

  • Provide a boost to your immune system: When you laugh it will reduce the stress hormones and will increase the immune cells and the infection killing antibodies, which will improve your overall resistance to various diseases.

  • Helps relax the entire body: A good, deep laugh can relieve tension as well as stress, helping your muscles to feel relaxed for up to 45 minutes.

Emotional Benefits of Regular Laughter

Laughing will help you feel good and that is a feeling that will remain, even after the laugh is over. A good sense of humor will help you to maintain an optimistic and positive outlook on life, even in trying situations, loss and disappointment.

The benefits of laughter is far reaching and can enhance your life in a number of ways. April 14th is a celebration of laughter; therefore, take advantage of this and have yourself a great laugh, while improving your overall health and well-being.