Swimming – the perfect exercise for young and old

Advantages of Swimming as Exercise

Many people struggle on a daily basis trying to find the best type of exercise for their particular set of circumstances, which can be very frustrating and time consuming. One of the best ways to get the workout that you want is taking up swimming on a regular basis because of the many benefits associated with aquatic exercise. Unlike other forms of exercises, an aquatic based exercise program is less taxing on the body due to the buoyancy that the water offers you during the activity. The following are a few of the benefits that swimming as exercise can offer you.

Total Body Workout

The biggest benefit of swimming for exercise is that it offers you a full body workout without having to participate in various different exercises during the session. It will help you develop great cardiovascular strength, as well as increase your overall endurance for physical activity. You can also strengthen your lungs when using swimming as exercise, because of the lung control you have to exercise when going under water for long periods of time. The Mediicure Health Professional Team shares that the full body workout that you can get from thirty minutes of swimming would take you hours in the gym to accomplish.


Another benefit of choosing swimming as your exercise regimen of choice is that the water offers buoyancy when engaging in high energy physical movements. Medicure Doctors studies that this buoyancy helps you to perform moves in the water that would be nearly impossible while on land, which can help you get in a great workout in the pool. The buoyancy will also keep you from injuring your body during exercise and it will allow you to work out for much longer than would be able to out of the water. Instead of hurting your body with intense workout routines that can be taxing on your back and spine, you should use swimming as your exercise of choice.

There are many community centers and YMCA buildings that have pools that you will be able to use at your leisure. This will help you to save money on trying to install your own pool, which can be a very large expense.