The 7-day Detox Plan

Detoxing can do more than just glowing skin and sparkling eyes.  It can improve digestion, increase energy levels and help lose a few kilos too. The purpose of any detox diet is to take the load off the organs that detoxify the body- liver, kidneys and bowel, at the same time improving their performance. The below 7-days program will help you give your body a break, fast track your health and give your body a detox for a short period of time.

  1. First of all check your diary and make sure you have a free of events 7-day period (no birthdays, weddings, and other special occasions with excess meals). Some people can experience a specific “cleansing: reaction of detox in the first couple of days, including loose bowel movements or headaches. These symptoms should disappear in 24-48 hours.
  2. Foods to avoid include cigarettes, alcohol, sugars, milk products (except of half of cup of unsweetened yogurt with acidophilus every day), coffee, dried fruit, grains (biscuits, bread, pasta, cakes), oats, barley, rice and rye.
  3. Foods to enjoy should include:  any type of fresh fruit, vegetables, fish, chicken without the skin (no more than 2 servings per week), legumes (chickpeas, kidney beans, lentils, etc.), organic eggs, seeds, nuts, olive oil and unprocessed coconut oil, white and green tea or weak black tea (without caffeine), much of water (from 1 to 3 liters per day)

Here is the detox plan to consider for the next 7 days:

  1. Drink lemon juice in the morning. Lemon juice or water with lemon drank in the morning will kick start your digestion and cleanse the system. Drink it 20-30 minutes before the breakfast.
  2. Exercise for 1 hour daily. Do something that makes you happy and raise sweat: jog along the beach, do a spin class, walk uphill, do boxing or yoga. Vigorous exercises boost your lymph flow and circulation that help remove toxins.
  3. Choose raw foods. Try to avoid cooking process during this week and eat mainly raw foods. Raw foods are rich with enzymes and nutrients. Add fresh sprouts to your alad every day.
  4. Make a detox of your mind. Besides detoxing your body it's also great to clear the mind. Aim for 15 minutes of meditation per day. If meditation is not what you like, try belly breathing.
  5. Do body brushing. This supports circulation and improves skin detoxification. Start from the feet and hands, moving up the legs and towards the arms. Avoid any sore or rash spots. Then jump in the shower and finish the procedure with a 1-minute burst cold water that will make you feel completely energized.