The many Benefits of Camel Milk

For many centuries, camel milk has been used by countless nomadic tribes for medicinal purposes because usually this is the only thing they had as they traveled through desolate deserts. Camel milk is the closest thing to a mother’s milk that a human can consume and has nearly then times more iron than cow’s milk contains. Medicure Doctors researched that consuming camel milk can also help to give the person consuming it a boost of vitamin C because it contains nearly three times as much as cow’s milk. Here are a few of the many health benefits of consuming the right amount of camel’s milk.


The milk from a camel is not only full of vitamins and minerals, but it also contains a high amount of natural insulin. In a liter of pure camel milk there is about a quart of insulin contained in it, which is significantly more than any other type of milk on the market today. A study by the Indian Bikaner Diabetes Research Clinic found that the regular consumption of camel milk by people with type one Diabetes significantly reduced the amount of insulin injections they had to have each day. Although there are many studies that are ongoing, the benefits of camels milk on Diabetes sufferers is undeniable.

Immune System Benefits

Another benefit of consuming camel milk as our Medicure Doctors mention is that it contains many immune system boosting components that can help you. The uniquely small size of the antibodies located in the milk helps to target and penetrate any foreign antigens that may be present in the immune system. Many studies have shown that people with auto immune diseases such as Crohn’s or multiple sclerosis, can benefit greatly from the daily consumption of camels milk. Many of the studies are unfinished, but many of the results posted so far support the claim that camels milk can help with auto immune diseases.

Many other health benefits of drinking camel’s milk, such as help with allergies or even autism, are widely speculated but most of the research is still inconclusive. Many top researchers are positive that once all of the study data is in, camel’s milk will start to be widely used as a medical treatment for a variety of different ailments.