Healthy Pancreas Diet - Top Products

The pancreas plays an essential role in human's digestion. When food from your stomach moves to a small intestine, the pancreas releases digestive enzymes that mix with the food, neutralizing stomach acid and thus preventing damaging the intestine. The above mentioned enzymes also break down the food you consume, so it can be properly absorbed by your body. Moreover, pancreas is an organ that produces insulin, which decreases the blood sugar level and lets your body save food energy for future use. Here we're going to discuss the top right foods that can nourish and heal your pancreas, as well as help you to avoid pancreas inflammation commonly known as pancreatitis.

Top Pancreas Products

Broccoli, Brussels sprouts and other cruciferous vegetables, cauliflower and cabbage have powerful chemicals which can prevent cancer.
Cherries and Blueberries
Both of these are full of antioxidants that work against cells' damage.

Garlic along with all types of onions is one of the best sources of good nutrients for human's pancreas. Both onion and garlic are also known for their cancer-preventive properties.

Red Reishi mushrooms
Being popular in Chinese medicine, these mushrooms help to restore balance as well as reduce inflammation in the body.

Red grapes
Having much of resveratrol, red grapes are known as another powerful antioxidant. Instead of red wine, which is prohibited if you have pancreatitis, eat red grapes.

Sweet potatoes
Sweet potatoes along with other vegetables of yellow and orange colour are very beneficial for your pancreas health. Corn, carrots, squash and sweet potatoes include special nutrients that prevent pancreas cancer.

Spinach is full of vitamin B and iron, which are essential for a healthy pancreas. You may eat it in salad or cook spinach stir-fried with garlic. Generally all leafy greens are good for your pancreas, especially kale, Swiss chard and mustard.

Being a very good source of low-fat protein, Tofu is a core element in healthy pancreas diet.

Tomato Vegetable Soup
Tomatoes represent an excellent source of antioxidants and vitamin C. While vegetables provide the necessary amount of nutrients and antioxidants, the soup provides extra fluid.

Yoghurt rich with active cultures
Organic yoghurt has active cultures which are the source of probiotics. Being "good" bacteria, it helps both your digestive and immune systems function properly. When choose yoghurt, select the one with no sugar added.