7 easy ways to reduce stress

Why is reducing stress so important? The main reason is that stress isn't just a problem of a specific moment and it can bring a real risk to your health. Having chronic stress may cause physical problems: from migraines to excessive weight or even diabetes.
Looking for ways to reduce stress? Try these well-known stress-reduction techniques.

  1. Breathe
    Being worried or feeling panic, many people either have shallow breath or hold their breath. Stress increases tension and makes difficult to properly inhale oxygen. This is the best moment to sit somewhere, close your eyes, inhale and exhale slowly counting from 1 to 10.
  2. Eat some chocolate
    If you have a bad day, a small piece of dark chocolate can help. It was found out that a small dose of dark chocolate that contains 70% + of cacao can become a stress antidote.  Chocolate also decreases the risks of diabetes, stroke and heart disease). A big amount of flavonoids included in cocoa beans play the role of an antioxidant that fights anxiety-producing hormone cortisone.
  3. Take a bath
    Even in ancient times people knew about restorative and healing properties of hydrotherapy. To increase the therapeutic effect of your bath, add some bath salts, turn on relaxing music, and switch off the light and light aromatherapy candles.
  4. Try soothing scents
    Inhaling aromas of lavender, peppermint or bergamot oils will calm your nerves. In case you have a tension headache, pour some drops of lavender oil on your fingertips and make a light massage for your temples.
  5. Get moving
    Even if moving is the last thing you'd like to do at the moment of stress, it's one the easiest and quickest ways to reduce stress. Exercising is always helpful when you have stress. If you've ever heard about a runner's "high", you might be interested to know that it appears after release of endorphins produced while the heart is pumping. Low impact exercises like swimming, walking, weight lifting, biking, Pilates or yoga can also boost your mood.
  6. Apply pressure
    When stress causes ache or pain, try Chinese acupressure. Being applied to the certain channels (so-called meridians) of your body, this therapy may reduce any type of discomfort in your body. To get rid of headache apply your middle and index fingers to your wrist, in line with your pinky finger and press firmly for about 30 seconds. Then repeat on the other wrist.
  7. Picture Peacefulness
    If you feel tension, just close your eyes and imagine the most peaceful place. It can be lying on the beach, curling up by the fire, or looking at a moonlit lake. Make imagination work for you and in a minute or two you’ll feel some peaceful pleasure in reality.