The Main Symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease

Alzheimer's is a brain disease that causes slow decline in memory, reasoning and thinking skills. Currently there are known 7 early signs and symptoms of Alzheimer's. Every person can have one or more of these signs. If you notice any of them, please consult your doctor.

  1. Memory loss that negatively affects the daily life
    Forgetting of recently learned information, important events or dates as well as asking for the same information over and over again can be a sign of Alzhimer's. A typical change is when an individual forgets the names, but remembers them later.
  2. Challenges in planning/solving problems
    Sometimes there appear problems with following a certain plan or working with figures. It may become complicated to keep regular level of concentration. It may take more time for doing the same things, a person did before.
  3. It becomes difficult to complete regular tasks at work or at home
    Daily tasks become something annoying and too complicated for people with Alzheimer's. An individual may forget the rules of a favorite game, how to get to a familiar location or manage a budget at work. Sometimes needing help with recording a TV show or use microwave.
  4. Being confused with place or time
    People who have Alzheimer's can lose track of seasons, dates and the time passage. They may be confused by forgetting where they or how they got there. There can be also a problem with understanding something that is not happening immediately.  A typical change may include forgetting the day of the week, but figuring it out later.
  5. Problem with understanding visual images/ spatial relationships
    Some people who have Alzheimer's have vision problems. That may result in certain difficulties, while reading, determining color, judging distance, etc. Typical change may be resulted in cataracts.
  6. Trouble with words while speaking or writing
    There may appear problems when joining or following the conversation. People with Alzheimer’s can stop in the middle of conversation without understanding of how to continue or they may repeat themselves for several times. An individual can also face problems with finding the right word or can call simple things with the wrong names.
  7. Poor/decreased judgment
    People suffering from Alzheimer's can experience certain changes in either judgment or decision-making. Poor judgment can appear when dealing with money (for example, an ill person can give big amounts of money to telemarketers). There is less attention to keeping yourself clean, grooming, etc.