5 Tips for a Healthy, Happy Family

Families come in different sizes and shapes but all healthy and happy families have something in common. These families make time for play, always spend quality time together, eat balanced diet, explore the outdoors and create a routine that allows all of the members get enough sleep.

1.Eat Well

Even the busiest families can find ways to eat healthier and feel better.
- Check labels. You should be aware of what you buy and eat later. The information on the food packaging can help you to choose the right option. Prefer unprocessed foods like whole grains and veggies as often as possible.

-Try to avoid sugary drinks. These are not only soda, but also packed juices that can contain as much calories as Cola for example. Drink pure water instead, water with mil or non-dairy milk if you’re vegan.

-Make it a habit to have 6-8 servings of veggies and fruits every single day. Server these with every meals well as consider fresh veggies and fruits’ snacks.

-Control the portions

2.Spend quality time as a family

Happy families always spend quality time together. It’s one of the best ways to get closer to each other and improve family's

well-being. You may try lots of things doing together: music lessons, team sports, playing a board game or just sitting down together for a meal or initiating regular story time.

3.Find time for a play

There are lots of reasons why kids have less time for active playing today. But that’s a fact that children have less active playing time than their parents did. Play is essential for learning and healthy atmosphere in your home. Try to find at least 1 hour for play each day. It can be both inside and outside the home. Whatever you do, playful movement is a key!

4.Get outside all together

Get some time to go outside. Every member of your family will benefit from fresh air, specifically kids. Being outside, kids are more likely to be engaged in an active play. And active kids are actually healthy kids.

5.Make sure to get enough sleep

Healthy families maintain a regular schedule (including the sleep routine). It’s very important for stability and well-being of the family. Sleep has proven to have awesome health benefits for adults and kids. It plays significant role for your metabolism, immune system, memory, and other vital functions. Children need ~10 hours of sleep per night, while adults -8 hours.