10 Ways to Beat Daytime Fatigue

It has almost become normal for many people to feel groggy no matter what is the season now. The new way of life is overwhelmed with responsibilities and stress. Sometimes it becomes really difficult to fight brain fog and exhaustion. For those who are no more interested in consuming great amounts of caffeine and sugar we’ve prepared 10 health-enhancing ways to cope with fatigue in any time of the day.

  1. Create a morning energy burst.
    Say “Good morning” to your body. Even if you get up when it’s dark, greet the day with some gentle stretches that will make your blood pumping and ease your body into the day. If the tension from the previous day persists, try to do a small workout for neck and shoulders. This will stimulate your blood flow and muscle tissues, making you feel more energized without any artificial stimulants.
  2. Enjoy a perfect breakfast
    Protein and healthy fat will boost your brain and body’s energy. Make sure your breakfast is large and healthy. One of the best options is the morning smoothie. It’s easy and quick to prepare, fine for your digestion and contains phytonutrients that will fuel your body and brain for the whole day.
  3. Got greens?
    When you feel fatigue, the meals you’re eating make a great difference in how quickly your body will recover the strength. To charge your energy reserves you shouldn’t ignore the green drinks. These are very nourishing, feature high percentage of antioxidants and digestive enzymes.
  4. Just relax
    Back-to-back conference calls, multiple deadlines make energy disappear from your body and mind at warp speed. Get a break! Re-energize naturally by turning on some relaxing music for just a couple of minutes. Gentle rhythms will bring you a feeling of well-being as well as make you mind clearer.
  5. Make sure to have a good – size lunch
    Your lunch should be healthy. Don’t try to skip meals or eating very small amount of food, as this won’t fuel you enough through the afternoon’s labors. Consider unprocessed ingredients, good fats and vegetables.
  6. Open your chest
    To get rid of afternoon slump lie in reclining open chest pose. This uplifting yoga pose will energize you and improve your mood. Stuck in an office cube? Take a few minutes to duck out to a nearby park or just walk around the building.
  7. Practice “Ubuntu”
    Ubuntu is an African term. It means humanity. Connect with your colleagues, the dry cleaner or that deli guy. Being sociable you feel more energized and connected. So try to find those 5 minutes per hour to get up from office chair and communicate with your officemates directly.
  8. Power down your body
    After a high-stress day it will be great to do a restorative yoga. With the help of chair or your room’s wall you can do reclining belt pose or legs up the wall position, which are very effective especially before going to bed. The poses won’t take much of your time: 10-15 minutes will be enough. Just close your eyes and feel how calm and relaxed you become.
  9. Recharge your batteries with Adaptogen
    Adaptogen formula came from Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine. It consists of various botanicals, which come in the form of herbal tonics that naturally help body to cope with fatigue, anxiety and even the aging process.
  10. Power down your home
    To prepare your body and mind for sleep, make an electronic sundown. That means that at around 10 pm you should turn off your PC, TV, put your cell phone to charge in another room and make sure there are no glowing or blinking lights.
    If you can’t completely darken your room, wear a sleep mask. The aim is to reach a deep and restorative sleep your body requires.