How to Stay Hydrated When You're Sick

When you get sick, your doctor will probably suggest you drinking lots of fluids. It’s important to consume plenty of water and other fluids when you have such symptoms like vomiting or fever and to ease congestion.
But it’s worthy to note that it’s not just about the amount of glasses of water you consume. The below strategies will help you to relieve icky flu and cold symptoms as well as quit your body’s thirst.

Get Icy Relief
Feel that your throat is sore or scratchy? Sucking on ice chips will bring the necessary relief and provide extra hydration.

Resolve Dry Air Problem with a Humidifier
A vaporizer or cool-mist humidifier will moisturize the air that will help a stopped-up nose. Make sure to keep the tool clean in order to avoid spreading mold or bacteria.

Choose Hot Drinks
Steamy drinks don’t provide any real improvement when you’re sick, but studies showed that hot tea can really make you feel better. Researchers confirm that drinking a hot beverage make people feel immediate relief from such symptoms like sneezing, running nose, and sore throat. Adding a spoonful of honey you’ll ease your cough and get a better sleep. But avoid giving honey to kids under 1 year old, as it can cause infant botulism infection. Also try not to consume caffeine as it will dehydrate you even more.

Choose Gargling
Go gargle with salt water several times per day. This will help you to soothe sore throat for some hours.

Curl Up with a Bowl of Chicken Soup
Grandma’s favorite chicken soup is more than just a bowl of comfort. Researches showed that it can ease the cold symptoms.

Flush Sinuses with a Neti Pot
These small containers can help you rinse the passages of your nose. Neti pot keeps them moisturized and significantly relieves congestion. To use it you have to fill it with sterile or distilled water, turn your head sideways and pour the water into one nostril so it can drain out the other side.

Add Some Steam
Breathe in air from a bowl of freshly boiled water or inhale the steam from a hot shower when you’re sick. These actions will help you ease sinus pressure and pain as well as loosen mucus. The same effect can be achieved by pressing a warm and wet compress against your face.