Doctors - Always There for You

National Doctor’s Day is the ideal opportunity for you to show appreciation for your hard-working doctors. Each day these individuals are at their office or clinic to provide you with services, diagnosis, treatment and care for you and your entire family. When you are feeling good, your doctor will help to ensure that you continue feeling good and when you are sick, there is no person in the entire world that is more important that your doctor in helping you feel better.

While you should not wait for a special day to show your appreciation, if you have been waiting, National Doctor’s Day is the perfect time. Send a card, gift or even just a kind word of appreciation for all they do. Even if you do not see them on this day, you can still mention how appreciative you are of their services at their next appointment.

The original Doctor’s Day was on March 30, 1933 and was initiated by Eudora Brown Almond from Winder, Georgia. This is the anniversary of the first time that general anesthesia was used for a surgical procedure. However, the actual first nationally recognized Doctor’s Day was celebrated back in 1991, after a proclamation from former President George W. Bush.

The fact is that health professionals are often left under-appreciated; however, today is the day that this can be resolved. The fact is that each person, either by chance or choice, has been impacted or had their lives improved in some way by a doctor’s professional and compassionate care. Your physician is responsible for both long-term and short-term health needs for people of all ages including immunizations and screening, health and sickness, and the safe arrival of your newborn baby. They are completely committed to the good health of their patients, as well as their well-being and this is what you should show your appreciation for on National Doctor’s Day.

Don’t let the day go by without showing your gratitude and thanks! Your doctor is there when you need them; therefore, show how much you appreciate their time, effort and dedication to your health.