Tips in Dealing with your Child that has Autism

It may become a shock-to find out that your child has autism. This fact is life-changing for most of the parents. However, Medicure Polyclinic new studies showed that parents can get ahead emotionally as well as have strong bonds with their child. Experts tell that mothers of children with autism are more likely to have poor emotional and mental health then other mothers. At the same time they are also more likely to show remarkable strengths.

Make Sure the Diagnosis is Correct

Some children are diagnosed through the school system, not by professionals. It will be great to check the diagnosis, consulting a neurologist or developmental pediatrician. There is usually done a hearing test. The neurological hearing loss is very often considered a sign of autism. Anyway before starting any treatment parents have to get past absorbing the news.

Be Familiar with Your Child’s Rights

In the very beginning you may feel yourself overwhelmed with a big amount of terminology and information about children with autism. There are known general programs like IEP, LRE, EI, FAPE, and IDEA. The sooner caregivers and parents familiarize themselves with these rights, term and programs, the faster they can become their child’s best advocate.

Consider a Team of Doctors

Autism treatment involves a team of both doctors and parents. A child with autism may need to see several therapists and doctors, who will have to be aware of any special problems. The team of specialists may include pediatrician, neurologist, speech therapist, occupational therapist, and a doctor that specializes in autism treatment and biomedical interventions.

Learn the Tools of Therapy

Did you know that 10 years ago ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) and autism were synonyms? Currently ABA is the best-researched type of therapies for autism treatment. The main principle of the program is to reward (or positively reinforce) the child when he learns something or demonstrates good behavior. The therapy is considered to be very effective and is often the first one parents select for their children. However it’s not the only right therapy for all children.

Always Remember to Ask for Help

You should realize that helping your child manage autism is a lifetime journey and that’s you who are your child’s best friends, supporter and advocate. Get help when you need it as well as take care of yourself, your health and well-being.