Walk All Over Diabetes

There are many misconceptions around diabetes; however, there is something important that you should be aware of. That is why Doctors from Medicure advice that even if you have already been diagnosed with the disorder, there are still steps that you can take to control the disease and also to avoid a large number of the consequences that it creates.

Walking – this is a secret weapon in the fight against diabetes. With the combination of regular physical activity, such as walking, and a healthy diet, you can slim down, which is an important benefit, since being overweight is a huge risk factor for developing diabetes.

However, walking can help to fight diabetes in more ways than just weight loss. There are a number of emerging students that have begun to show that fitness has a preventative power for the disease. In fact, a recent study showed that when women worked out several times a week, they could reduce their risk of developing the disease by up to 30 percent.

Why Walking Offers Powerful Results

There are a number of reasons that walking can provide such significant results for your diabetes situation. It obviously helps to get rid of extra and unwanted pounds, but it can also help to increase the number of insulin receptions that are located on your cells. Insulin is what helps blood sugar to move into your cells, which is where it needs to go. If it does not make this move, it will simply slosh away in your bloodstream, leading to a gumming up of the walls of your blood vessels.

If you have already developed diabetes, you can walk to help and reduce the progression of the entire disease. Additionally, anyone that takes insulin may find that they are able to decrease their medication as the increased physical activity helps their body’s to burn the insulin in a much more efficient manner.

A bonus to walking regularly is that it will also help to keep your mind sharp. There are several scientists that have observed that older individuals that have diabetes oftentimes have difficulty thinking clearly. However, with physical activity stimulation, they can reduce this forgetfulness helping them to be more alert and aware of what is going on.