8 Hints of Low Immunity

Winter is commonly known as cold & flu season. Are you sure that your immune system can properly defend you?

1. Sweet tooth

Medicure Polyclinic Studies showed that if you have a habit to eat too much sugar, you become more susceptible to cold. 100 g of sugar (or 3 cans of soda) significantly decrease the ability of white blood cells to kill bacteria within the next 5 hours.

2. You drink little amount of water

Your body needs a sufficient amount of water to function properly and eliminate the toxins. Green tea, coffee and soup also count. The necessary amount of water depends from person to person. But you’re drinking enough if the color of your urine is pale yellow.

3. You are overweight

Excessive weight negatively impacts your immune system and your body in general. Among the most common cases of swine flu there is a body mass index over 40. Leading to hormonal imbalance, excess weight also makes your immune system weak in front of infection.

4. You have a dry nose

It sounds weird but a running nose defends you from various types of cold and influenza. Having dry nasal passages, the germs have more chances to attack your body. If a dry nose is your temporal problem, use a neti pot of saline solution or squeeze bottle. Usage of humidifier can help as well.

5. Serious stress

American scientists found out that long-term stress significantly weakens the responses of your immune system. Moreover, if you are stressed when you suffer from flu or cold, the symptoms can get even worse.

6. You drink well water

Yes, the cleanliness of the water you drink plays a significant role in whether you get cold or not. Buying and drinking water that contains more than needed safe levels of arsenic determined by EPA may lead to various forms of cancer as well as affect your immune system, making it unresponsive to swine flu. Bottled water or remediation system that removes arsenic from water can become a perfect solution.

7. Skin problems

Brown rough skin patches on the abdomen and back, actinic keratosis are other signs of weak immune system. If you looked into your mirror and found a few of those, don’t panic but consult your Medicure doctor in order to make your immune system more powerful.

8. You permanently have cold

This is a sign that your immune system is not operating properly. An average adult person gets 1 to 3 colds each season that usually lasts 3-5 days. If you get much more, that means your resistance is low. More sleep, regular exercises and a healthy diet can improve your immune system.